“The King’s Speech” versus “The Duke’s Cure”

With the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech currently making Speech Therapy look like a career worth pursuing – especially for those of us who look like Geoffrey Rush and want to work exclusively with rich royals – many younger therapists may bot be aware of the masterful techniques used by the unacknowledged master of dysfluency therapy; John Wayne, or, as he was nicknamed, The Duke.

Wayne, acknowledged for his portrayal of the hard-nosed, no nonsense, heroic tough guy, took on the role of Speech Therapist in the 1972 movie, The Cowboys. Click on the picture below to see how he managed to cure a boy’s stutter in less than a minute! It’s so dramatic that one wonders WHY there isn’t the Institute for Waynian Therapy charging vast amounts of money for this miracle cure.

John Wayne

John Wayne - SLP!

Of course, these days, poor John would have to go through months of persuading an IRB evaluation team to let him use human subjects, and he’d certainly need to demonstrate some pretty stringent measures of efficacy in order to be given a research grant.

On the other hand, he could just add a dolphin to the treatment and people would be fawning all over him…


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