2011 ASHA Convention: The Unofficial Promo

The Dudes – well, some of us – will be off to San Diego in November to attend the 2011 ASHA Convention. Of all the venues for ASHA, this is in the top 3, along with San Francisco and Miami. Anyone who says that the location isn’t important clearly doesn’t understand one of the reasons for going to conferences: the junket.

For those unfamiliar with the word junket, it is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as;

A feast or banquet; a merrymaking accompanied with feasting; also in mod. use (chiefly U.S.), a pleasure expedition or outing at which eating and drinking are prominent; a picnic-party. Also transf. and fig.

The “figurative” meaning is the important one here, and it first appeared in print in a 1886 article for the Detroit Free Press;

 The term ‘junket’ in America is generally applied to a trip taken by an American official at the expense of the government.

For those folks paying out of their own pockets, it’s a conference; for those getting funded from employers, it’s a junket 😉

The Speech Dudes’ cartoon spokespeople, Kate and Kimmy, talk about planning for the conference in the latest YouTube video release.


If you’re going to the conference, check back here for our recommendations to hotels and restaurants. Some of us have, in fact, been to San Diego on a number of occassions and we’re happy to share our ideas.


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