The Weekly Weird: Where Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The Printer We All Want

Chocolate printer

Choc Print

Yes, it IS a printer and yes, it prints CHOCOLATE! Design your shape and the printer does the rest. Anyone wanting to change career and become a chocolate entrepreneur can talk to these guys about turning this process into a business.

 The process is similar to the way that current industrial 3D printers work in the creation of models of new products, but unlike these, the chocolate ones can, of course, be eaten,

Monkeys Allowed To Marry In India

Chinki the bride monkey

The Bride

India’s first monkey marriage took place last week in Banetha village, in the north-western state of Rajasthan. Raju, the chain-smoking groom monkey tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Chinki.

So far there have been no complaints but this may change when same-sex monkeys are allowed to get spliced.

Emergency App Download Saves Patient

Polish app

Polish App

A quick-thinking paramedic in the UK downloaded an iPhone app so she could treat an accident victim who could only speak Polish. According to the paramedic, “It’s a great tool. It allowed me to ­communicate with the patient without the need for an interpreter or the cost to the service of using the language line.” So, no need to employ expensive human interpreters or learn to speak English.

iPad Doubles As Sports Protector

iPad down pants

Just pleased to see me?

A problem schools are facing is that portable devices are so small that they get lost or stolen. And an enterprising TSA screener in the US has found a way to steal iPads – by stuffing them down his crotch.

Apparently it is alleged that the man had been using his groinal region for some time as a location to hoard consumer devices. Keep an eye on your laptop next time you fly!

Drunks Take Alligator For A Ride

Stuffed alligator


Not, it’s not a scene from The Hangover 3. Three drunks in Howell, Michigan, stole a 14-foot flattened and preserved alligator, strapped it to a pickup truck and took it off-roading.

On the upside, it’s great free advertising for Ford’s F-150 truck – “Ford F-150: Best in Class for transporting huge reptiles!”

62 Hotdogs In 10 Minutes = Celebrity!

Hotdog contest winner

Weiner winner

Joey Chestnut, of San Jose, CA, is the new 2011 Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest champion. For the fifth consecutive year, Chestnut has reigned supreme in being able to stuff just over 6 weiners per minute into his gullet. Sonya Thomas of Alexandria, VA, scarfed down 40 dogs and buns to become the Women’s champion.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering… yes. it IS a televised sport, with ESPN regularly showing the exciting and contest in all its porky glory, complete with slow-motion replays. Perhaps.


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