First Post: Another Dude.

Not an original title, but I don’t always have an original thought.  Hope you enjoy the rantings, ravings, and misadventures of Duke Iceland.  Now, if you think Duke is my real name… stop reading now…This is my alias, my avatar, my other life, concealing my true identify as one of the Speech Dudes.  I really am a SLP and have specialized in AAC for nearly 20 years, working in rehab, the public schools, at the university level, the industry, and private practice.  Either I am very lucky for all my experiences, or I have one of the worst cases of professional ADHD.  Personally, my feelings are this field is going through a major time of transition like it has never seen before.  A new technology penetrated our field in a way that nothing has done before. It is time to weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the technology can bring.


One response to “First Post: Another Dude.

  1. Duke has been a dude since the beginning but held back on being an active contributor because of some really hard work he’s been doing in “real life.” Duke and Apophenikos may not always agree on things but that’s just fine.

    Stay tuned for hew contributions from another Dude – we’re using ASHA as a meeting time to get things done!

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