Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Day 3 – Tuesday 3rd December

Watch this video of a well-known cartoon character from Warner Brothers and then decide what his problem is.

Is it;

(a) Stopping
(b) Fronting
(c) Gliding
(d) Palatalizing

ANSWER: (c) Gliding!

Sounds such as the “l” and the “r” are known as liquids. They are “liquid” in that they are made with the tongue slithering and sliding around in the mouth, behaving as if it doesn’t know whether it wants to make consonants or vowels. So, in a state of permanent indecision, it takes the middle ground and stops the airflow just a little (like a consonant) but hardly makes any real contact with anything in the mouth (like a vowel).

In the popular sit-com, The Big Bang Theory, Professor Barry Kripke has a serious case of gliding, as this excerpt with him trying to use Siri on his iPhone demonstrates:

Gliding is a normal phenomenon in but becomes a potential problem if it’s still around after the age of 5 years.


When do common childhood phonological processes disappear? From Caroline Bowen’s Speech-Language-Therapy dot com website.

Common Phonological Processes: Printable single-sheet handout from SuperDuper Inc.

2 responses to “Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Day 3 – Tuesday 3rd December

  1. Such a fun idea. Wish I was a student.

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