Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Question 4 – Wednesday 4th December

Take a look at the brain below. What’s the name of the lobe in green with the big red question mark?

What lobe is marked by the question mark?
ANSWER: Temporal lobe!

Except for people who believe in Big Foot, ghosts, and that George Bush planned and executed 9/11, living without a brain is impossible. Living with a damaged brain is possible but there can be many, many problems. The left temporal lobe is the home of Wernicke’s area, a region associated with language comprehension problems if damaged. Also on the left-hand side of the brain is Broca’s area, associated with expressive speech problems.  Left-sided injuries to the brain are often the reason for calling in a Speech and Language therapist.

Areas of the brainLinks

The Science of Aphasia: Infographic

Aphasia and treatment from ASHA

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