Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Question 5 – Thursday 5th December

What publication has research, human interest, and policy analysis for the CSD professions –  AND is about to get a shiny new website in January?

ANSWER: The ASHA Leader!

ASHA Leader publication

If you’re a member of ASHA, you get the ASHA Leader. And if you get the ASHA Leader, you’re dining on a smorgasbord of the whole “being an SLP and Audiologist” thing and not just the specialist, thin slices of premium goodness you get from journals. Although it’s relative new – the Dudes were around long before its debut in 1999 – it’s established itself as a part of the SLP community and now exists in both print and digital formats. Why, it’s even profiled the Dudes themselves in the “In The Limelight” piece called The Dudes Abide – so it has to be good!

Why not consider submitting an article to the Leader? There’s a link below and the editors are always on the look out for contributions in general. It is, after all, your publication!


About the Leader from the ASHA Leader website

Writing for the Leader: how to submit an article.


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