Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Question 9 – Monday 9th December

What is the three-letter acronym we use to describe the integration of:

(a) clinical expertise/expert opinion,
(b) external scientific evidence, and
(c) client/patient/caregiver perspectives to provide high-quality services reflecting the interests, values, needs, and choices of the individuals we serve?

ANSWER: EBP – Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice elementsSometimes, evidence-based practice seems – and sounds – complicated, especially when you’re trying to make sense of statistical data presented in peer-reviewed articles. However, the basic principles are simple and all you need to ask yourself is one question: “Is what I am doing with my client based on the best information available to me?” If the answer is “yes,” then you’re on the right track; if the answer is “no,” then your next question is “Where do I get the best information about what I am doing?”


Position paper on EBP in Communication Disorders from ASHA’s Joint Committee on Evidence-based Practice.

The Handbook for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders by Christine Dollaghan published by Brookes Publishing.


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