Countdown to Christmas Quiz: Question 10 – Tuesday 10th December

A puzzling one today 😉  First, follow this link to a jigsaw and then once you’ve completed it, see if you can guess which famous Speech and Language Therapy pioneer it it. The person was particularly active in the treatment of stuttering.

ANSWER: Charles van Riper!

Charles van Riper

Charles van Riper

Charles van Riper was born in 1905 in Champion Township, Michigan. His family nickname was Cully, which he used later in life as his pen name, Cully Gage, for a series of stories known as The Northwoods Reader about life in Northern Michigan.

His Ph.D. thesis was written in 1934 and titled An experimental investigation of laterality in stutterers and normal speakers, which pretty much set him up for his life-long dedication to helping folks with dysfluency. He founded Western Michigan University’s speech, hearing and language clinic in 1936, which was renamed after him in 1983.

In 1939, his book, Speech Correction: Principles and Methods, was first published, and went on to become a standard in the field of Speech and Language Pathology.

Speech Correction by van Riper

On November 19th at the 1956 Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois, he received the Honors of the Association Award from ASHA.

Van Riper died on September 27th, 1994, at his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


All things Van Riper at Judy Kuster’s web page.

Books by Cully Gage at Amazon.


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