Countdown to Christmas – Question 20: Friday 20th December

So tonight, Dude 2 is going to sit in front of his TV, and wrap up watching the final episodes of Season 3 of The Walking Dead, a few more episodes of Downton Abbey, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.  In my never ending desire to know what happens before it happens – reading the last chapter before the first, or watching spoilers despite the alerts – I have a few questions about the Diving Bell and the Butterfly and hopefully your accuracy and correctness will result in a quiet 15 minutes with a wonderful cup of joe… so here goes. 

  1. What scanning technique is used by Dominique Bauby to write his book?
  2. What syndrome was he diagnosed with?
  3. The title of the movie is a metaphor of how Bauby describes himself.  What part of his body is represented by the butterfly?

Good Luck and may you not encounter any zombies while wrapping up your Holiday shopping.   

Tweet your answers to @speechdudes and as it’s so close to Christmas, we’ll give you 24 hours from now.


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