Haiku Dudes – or Haiku’s for the Dudes

As part of our “Countdown to Christmas” giveaway, our question for Day 14 invited folks to send us a haiku that was dude-ish. Here are the entries.

Haiku picture1. Celebrate winter
Porter, stout, bock, barleywine
Mmh, lager and ale!
From Acey Holmes (@aceymorgan)

2. Speech Dudes play Santa
While lights adorn evergreens
Joy of the Season!
From Cyndee Williams Bowen (@BowenSpeech)

3. Fingers clutching cold
Icy spray across my face
Snowblower Holiday joy!
From Gail Van Tatenhove (@gvantatenhove)

4. Santa Claus Speech Dudes
Covertly making us think…
Sly educators!
From Lillian Stiegler

Although we like them all, we DID say we’d make a choice so Dude 1 went for Lillian’s haiku and Dude 2 for Acey’s. Coffee’s are now on the way to you both. Thanks for taking part and keep an eye open for our next competition in 2014!


One response to “Haiku Dudes – or Haiku’s for the Dudes

  1. Yay!!! Thanks dudes!!

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