Here are items you can download and share, ranging from the really useful to the spectacularly trivial.

Why Core?  A simple, 5-point list of reasons why core words are useful and important. For references relevant to core and vocabulary, check out our “Articles and Abstracts” page for downloads.

A Manufacturer’s Perspective on Conducting and Using Research in Product Design: Presentation at the 8th Clinical AAC Research Conference, Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO.

Vocabulary is more than Words: Support materials for a Road Trip presentation given in Canada during May 2014.

Pop Tart Cat ringtone: Copy this MP3 file to your smartphone and use it as a ringtone.

SFA Sheet 9-9-11: Simple, one-page checklist. Three steps : (a) down the left-hand column, enter the words you want to teach, (b) across the top row, enter the semantic feature you want to use, and (c) at the intersection of a word and a feature, note down the date when you started teaching and the date when your client demonstrated understanding of the concept.

Dudes Eye View 2011 Radio edit
This version of Dudes Eye View 2011 is the 3:20 version that runs in parallel with the 2011 Review video.

Dudes Eye View 2011 Extended Techno Mix
This is the 9:00 minute extended remix of the video track. Drop it into you favorite MP3 player and it includes the album art. Make sure you pump up the bass 😉

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