Editorial Policy

1. No bylines. The Speech Dudes blog is a collective and the individuals involved already possess ego’s the size of Montana, so this is a way of keeping them in check. We reserve the right to allow bylines for guest bloggers, who are typically blogging for the opportunity to become more noticed, but generally we want to develop a publication that has an identity independent of its current players.

2. Apologies offered. If we say something that is demonstrably wrong, we are more than happy to print an apology and postscript the erroneous text. If you simply don’t agree with us or don’t like what we say, that’s OK and actually healthy – but we won’t apologize for that.

3. No paid advertorials. Currently, we are not in the business of making money from promoting ideas, people, or things. If we love someone or something, we’ll gush and drool like the best of ’em, and maybe write a glowing encomium. However, although we are happy to take money for placing ads and links therein, we don’t like payola. You can, of course, buy us drinks at the bar (a favorite pastime of all the staff) but trust us, that won’t guarantee a biased review for whatever it is you’re selling.

4. We assume adult readership and an academic detachment from the emotional baggage that sometimes goes with language. Although we endeavor to be non-offensive, there will be times that, because we are a language blog, we use terminology that people may be shocked, offended, or surprised by. However, we expect our readers to be able to divorce connotation and affect from words, which are, after all, just arbitrary bundles of sounds.

5. If it’s in the public domain, it’s fair game. If you write a blog, post a comment, create a website, send a tweet, or even – heaven forbid – post something on Facebook, that’s now in the public domain and open for scrutiny.

6. Standard disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this website represent those of individual authors and unless clearly labeled as such do not represent the opinions or policies of any organization that employs those authors. No claims are made or responsibilities assumed for the contents of linked websites. Unless otherwise noted, all contents copyright © Speech Dudes